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Tony Balboa,
The cannabis sommelier who cares about quality


Hello everyone! My name is Antonio in art Tony Balboa. I am of Italian origin and I was born in Milan but, originally from Naples. For 21 years I have been living in Holland and to be exact in Amsterdam. After many years in the restaurant industry as Manager and Sommelier of Italian Wine and soccer coach, I drastically wanted to change the sector. So I chose to work in the world of cannabis, especially at medical and therapeutic level. Cannabis and the famous CBD or THC is a medicine not a drug! I also do group recreational activities such as the famous “Smoke Session” with many people and various celebrities in the world of Music and Martial Arts. I call my community or family “The Balboa Family”. In short this is my new job and my new adventure. You will find my CBD Oil and merchandise here! So I am pleased to introduce you to my new web-shop.

Become a Member of The Balboa Family

Founded by Tony Balboa, The Balboa Family is a true family based in Amsterdam, but with members from all over the world. Over the years it has grown and become more and more solid and numerous. A compact and united family formed on the basis of positivism, cannabis information, truth and respect towards all people without any difference between races and religions! Over the years thousands of people have taken part in a very popular event of mine, a social experiment called “SMOKE SESSIONS AMSTERDAM” having the opportunity to show everyone the true aspect of cannabis and especially the capabilities of cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, CBG and also THC. The sessions were cannabis education courses for both medical and recreational use. Unforgettable moments in the history of Amsterdam and some of its coffeeshops! I would like to point out that cannabis is not a drug, but a medicine, a flower with truly incredible healing capabilities! It’s always important to know how to use your head and be responsible if cannabis is used recreationally and not to abuse it as you do with everything in life. Take a look at my products now in the webshop and become a member of the family, you will always be welcome. Have fun!


What is really the Balboa Show? A social program on my YouTube channel where I work as and enjoy being a presenter, which is an old passion of mine! On my channel you will find interviews. Or people from the Balboa Family, but also various celebrities in the world of Kickboxing, MMA, various Artists in the world of music, Rappers, DJ’s and also great experts in the world of cannabis. Or even Video Guide to the best places, coffee shops and clubs to visit! In short, a new fun adventure, full of surprises and characters! Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you don’t want to miss any episode! Thank you for all the support you give! Enjoy watching and have fun!