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I would like to introduce you: Tony Balboa’s exclusive CBD product range. BalbOil! The range consits of 4 carefully developed, fully water-soluble CBD products, in which the natural power of CBD comes to full effect. New patented and award-winning MyCell Enhanced Technology® (drops dissolved in water) makes all old-fashioned and conventional CBD products obsolete and outdated. The products have been developed in collaboration with Uni Swiss Pharma: The finest CBD producers!

Balboil CBD Oil 1% – Full Spectrum & TURMERIC (Kurkuma)

Our MyCell Enhanced® CBD is 264 times better and faster absorbed by the human body than regular CBD. Thanks to the patented MyCell Enhanced Technology®, body absorption (bio-availability) in our supplements is increased by up to 99%, compared to 1% with Turmeric (KURKUMA). Unique in operation and unique on the market. It is not without reason that this technology was awarded the prestigious CPhi Pharmacy Award in Madrid in 2018.

Balboil CBD Oil 2,5% – Full Spectrum ‘GOLDEN DROPS’

The advantage of full spectrum CBD is the ‘Entourage effect’. All substances in the hemp plant and therefore also in the full spectrum CBD influence each other. The ‘Entourage effect’ means that the substances are stronger and more effective in this way than when they are taken separately from each other. This is also the case with nutrients that we receive daily through our food. The gold-colored drops of this supplement contain the purest, high-quality Full Spectrum CBD.

Balboil CBD Oil 5% – Isolate
All my CBD oils are developed in our laboratory in Switzerland using our revolutionary patented technique, MyCell Enhanced®. Unique in the field of the absorption of vitamins and nutritional supplements by the human body. Natural acceleration and increase of bioavailability and also 100% safe to use! Works up to 20x faster and better than conventional CBD supplements!

Balboil CBD Oil 2,5% – Isolate
CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD available. These CBD crystals therefore contain all the beneficial effects of normal CBD oil, but in a much stronger concentration. However, many sold regular CBD products and CBD oils do not contain a CBD isolate, but a qualitatively inferior extraction. As a result, these products are less pure and less effective than our CBD isolate supplements.