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Specific operation and cost saving due to our unique MyCell Enhanced Technology®

MyCell Enhanced Technology® is a revolutionary patented technology from the Dutch-Swiss company Uni Swiss Pharma. MyCell Enhanced Technology® provides a better and faster-acting product thanks to micellization of vitamins and, for example, CBD. All our products are therefore 100% water-soluble. We are the only producer that guarantees an absorbability of almost 100% of our products, in a 100% natural way.

Up to 99% absorbable, 100% natural micellized!

Manufacturers often add harmful and unnatural additives to products to increase the absorbability of active ingredients. However, our MyCell Enhanced Technology® is 100% natural micellized and rigorously tested for safe use. This increases the absorbability of active substances in our products by up to 99%!

Own production and scientific research in our laboratory in Switzerland

All our products are developed in our laboratory in Switzerland using our revolutionary patented technique, MyCell Enhanced®. Unique in the field of the absorption of vitamins and nutritional supplements by the human body. Natural acceleration and increase of bioavailability and also 100% safe to use!