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TONY BALBOA Metal Grinder Blue – Original Logo – Laser

13,99 including tax

• Lasered Original Logo
• 4 Layers
• 5,1 cm Diameter
• Strong Magnet
• Sharp Teeth
• Pollen Collector
• Easy To Use
• Metal

Select options13,99 including tax

Out of stock

Tony always says, don’t throw your resin away!

If you never used a Metal grinder before, you don’t know what you are missing. Your Resin always with you and ready to be used any moment for some extra flavour. A robust, high-quality grinder, perfect pocket size, that can take a beating. Embellished at the top with the characteristic original logo. This 4-piece grinder features a lid with sharp teeth and magnet, and a receptacle for collecting the ground material and a sieve and receptacle for collecting resin/pollen. The grinder comes with a handy scraper.





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