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High Like TONY BALBOA Sticker

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• Diameter 9,5 cm x 9,5 cm
• Polymer Vinyl 90um
• Water Resistant
• Sticks Perfectly
• Strong Material
• 3 Colours
• Pop Art Style
• Hashtag #HLTB
• Lifestyle Representing
• Marking Territory

In stock

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A Great Hip Hop Song Called ‘HIGH LIKE TONY BALBOA’

A Special Tribute to Tony! This song is made from the one and only ‘Collarossi The Boss’. After one of my Smoke Sessions in Amsterdam, this amazing artist had the feeling and the great idea to write all these cool songs!! All about love, respect and Cannabis.

Make sure you lessen all of them! You can find this song in all music platforms, but also the album called ‘HIGH 5’ with 4 more songs dedicated to Tony. This is just so cool!!





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