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TONY BALBOA Sticker – The First Original Logo

0,99 including tax

• Diameter 6,5 cm x 6,5 cm
• Polymer Vinyl 90um
• Water Resistant
• Sticks Perfectly
• Strong Material
• 3 Colours
• Hashtag #TheBalboaFamily
• Cannabis Representing
• Marking Territory

In stock

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Tony Balboa Loves Stickers, Best Way For Representing!

Make Sure You Get This Sticker, The Original, The One And Only!! Those are the last, Once they are finished on the webshop, NO MORE OF THIS VERSION IS GONNA BE PRINTED. Those are the LAST Stickers of this Logo, soon there will be a new sticker with the new version of this logo.

It’s The First Version EVER Designed and Printed. This is what makes this Sticker very Special and Unique. Made for representing the name of Tony Balboa in the Cannabis Industry. As you can see, inside the logo you can find many subjects related to Cannabis.

Of course it was obligatory to make many Stickers for representing and marking the territory all around the world. LIMITED EDITION! Maked from a professional graphic designer and friend of Tony from 30 years. Now also used on my Merchandise and Smoking Gears!! Have a look in the shop to all my other stickers, choose your favourite and be part of the Family.




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