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TONY BALBOA Sticker – Face To Face – 9,5 cm

0,99 including tax

• Diameter 9,5 cm x 5 cm
• Polymer Vinyl 90um
• Water Resistant
• Sticks Perfectly
• Strong Material
• 6 Colours
• Hashtag #TonyBalboa
• Amsterdam Representing
• Marking Territory

In stock

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Face To Face With Tony Balboa!

Take a close look up at Tony! Facing reality with his sunglasses on and his Best Joint. Those are the last, Once they are finished on the webshop, NO MORE OF THIS BIG VERSION IS GONNA BE PRINTED. Be fast, those are the LAST Stickers of this design, a very special sticker for the collection you can’t miss.

Designed from an original picture By another friend of Tony and Tattoo Artist. The funny part, this is the perfect Sticker to put somewhere you need two extra eyes watching for you! For example in your Grow Box, protecting and watching your babies! Make sure you have this Old School Sticker of Tony LIMITED EDITION.



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